NFT Enhancing

NFT can be used as a base material to upgrade and enhance other NFT!

NFT Enhancing in Crusaders of Crypto

Enhancing is a way to get rid of unused gear in order to build stronger NFT!

Enhancing Mechanics

  1. Players will be able to "feed" NFT of the same type into another NFT

  2. Through doing this, the fed NFT will acquire experience, and upon reaching certain thresholds will "Level Up", and acquire better stats!

This provides a way for players to take their unused NFT, and use them to enhance their favorite equipment and monsters!

The success chance of upgrading is 100% for the first 3 levels (current maximum level: 3).

  • 0 Experience - Level 0 (Base)

  • 1500 Experience - Level 1

  • 5000 Experience - Level 2

  • 10000 Experience - Level 3

The base experience granted from upgrading per NFT is 500 EXP per NFT sacrificed. Note that EXP does not reset between levels, so currently the total number of "fodder" NFT needed to max the base NFT is 20.


CryptoPaws has 4 Bloody blades from grinding out the dungeon. He can take his blades to the NFT Forge, and sacrifice 3 of the blades into the remaining 1, which will leave him with one Level 1 Bloody blade

Note: Currently, all NFT provides the same amount of experience when it comes to enhancing. (Any EXP on "fodder" NFT is lost).

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