How to Claim BNB
How to claim BNB that is rewarded from the tokenomics of the CRUSADER token

Claiming BNB from holding CRUSADER

Firstly, players are required to have two things before they can claim any BNB:
    A wallet with some CRUSADER token in it
    A way to connect that wallet to a DAPP enabled browser. Some examples are:
      Trustwallet on Android has an In App Browser
      Metamask on both Android and IOS has an In App Browser
      Metamask Chrome Extension turns Chrome into a DAPP enabled browser
To claim:
    Ensure that the DAPP browser in use is connected to the Binance Smart Chain
      In Trust Wallet, this can be seen in the top right hand portion of the screen
    Launch the Game from the DAPP browser
    Log In
4. Sign the Log In Message
5. Select Home Dungeon
6. Your Home dungeon is your personal space show casing NFTs, area to launch game modes (like PVPD), as well as where you claim BNB. To Claim, move your character to the hallway/room on the right (with the on screen joystick, WASD, or the arrow keys)
7. Once you find the loot chest (hooray!), simply walk up to it, and it should prompt you with some information
This screen shows a whole lot of goodies, which are detailed below:
    Loot Available - How much loot you can claim right now
    Looted - How much lifetime claiming you have ever done
    Loot Rate - What % of the BNB Redistribution tax you receive on every transaction of CRUSADER
    Total Looted From Dungeon - How much lifetime BNB was looted by every player combined
8. Finally, to claim, simply click LOOT THE ROOM, pay gas, and whatever value in LOOT AVAILABLE (first box), will be transferred to you!
NOTE: you MUST own CRUSADER in order to claim
NOTE: the LOOT AVAILABLE resets after you claim, so do not claim more then you need to!
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