Play: PVPD and PVPD Seasons

PVPD = Player vs. Player Dungeons. Crusaders can compete with each other asynchronously, using their NFTs to climb the unique dual-ranking leaderboard system to earn NFT/BNB Rewards!

NOTE: This is currently in Alpha testing. Feel free to play through and leave feedback in our telegram/discord channel!

PVPD - Player vs. Player Dungeons

Player vs. Player Dungeons, or PVPD for short, is a game mode that allows players configure loadouts, and play against other players asynchronously. NOTE: All of these choices will be fueled by the NFT Ecosystem for the Crusaders of Crypto game!

Roles in PVPD

PVPD is split into two roles: Crusader and Dungeon Master. Every player can be both Crusader and Dungeon master, and each role has it's own NFT layout that can be configured (in the same way NFTs are configured for normal delving.

Crusader Role

The Crusader role is considered the "attacking" role. In this mode, players will configure what gear they bring with them into other players dungeons. This is an active role, and players must physically play as they would for normal dungeon delving.

Dungeon Master Role

The Dungeon Master role is considered the "defending" role. In this mode, players configure what monsters, bosses, traps, etc. can spawn inside the dungeon. This is a passive role, as players simply need to configure their dungeon once, which that can be challenged by any crusader.

PVPD Seasons

To incentivize completive play between players, the Crusaders of Crypto platform supports the concept of seasons.

PVPD Seasons are time based tracking of players in unique "dual-ranking" leaderboards (to support the Crusader and Dungeon Master roles separately), where players can register to take part in a season, and compete with other players for guts and glory!

Seasons have the following characteristics:

  • Seasons are typically a few weeks long, and exact timing will be announced before each season starts

  • A season has 2 leaderboards, one for the Crusader role, and one for the Dungeon Master role.

  • A player can be both Crusader and Dungeon Master in a season, but doesn't have to do both.

  • Rewards for the dual leaderboards are separate (and can differ in actual rewards as well).

  • The matchmaking for PVPD is based on TrueSkill (if you're nerdy like us, you can read more about the math behind the TrueSkill rating from Microsoft here)

  • A player must have at least 5 PVPD games as a Crusader in order to appear in the rankings

  • A players dungeon must have at least 5 PVPD games in order to appear in the rankings

  • PVPD Matches have a 10 minute time limit. Crusaders (after finding a match), have 10 minutes to get into the dungeon, clear it, and save the result.

  • If the Crusader cannot complete the dungeon within the 10 minute time limit, it is considered a loss. Note that dying and retrying is common and recommended for PVPD. A player is allowed to retry the dungeon as many times as they like within the time limit.

  • If the Crusader saves the result of a failed run, that is considered a forfeit (ending the time limit for the match), so only save if it's a winning completion.

How to Register/Play in a PVPD Season

  1. Configure both Crusader and Dungeon NFTs via the two Configure stations in the home dungeon:

  2. Save the configured NFT settings by interacting with Save banner:

  3. Register for the PVPD season at the PVPD station:

  4. Once a player is registered, their dungeon immediately becomes available for other registered Crusaders to challenge.

  5. Similarly, players can challenge other pvp-dungeons by clicking the "Find a Match!" button at the PVPD station:

  6. Once a match is found, players can challenge the other players dungeon by clicking the "Fight" button. This will bring the Crusader to the Dungeon Master's home dungeon. From there, the Crusader can simply just walk up to the dungeon entrance, to challenge (and hopefully best!) the PVP Dungeon!

Note: In order for a Crusader win to count, it must be saved within the PVPD season time limit.

Note: Saving a "Loss" is the same as a forfeit, so do not save losses if the dungeon can be bested within the time limit.

PVPD Season Rewards

PVPD Season rewards the top 10 players in both Crusader and Dungeon Master leaderboards with .1 BNB and PVPD exclusive NFT.

3 PVPD Exclusive NFT will also be randomly awarded to players who rank within the top 50 in both Crusader and Dungeon Master leaderboards.

Note: Rewards for PVPD seasons are subject to change from season to season, but will be notified explicitly what rewards will be in advance of the season starting.

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