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World Bosses within Crusaders of Crypto

World Bosses

World bosses are limited time events in which Crusaders try to deal as much damage as possible before dying!

Each world boss event has one reward cycle, which follows the following characteristics:

  1. A player must have 5,000,000,000 (5B) Crusader to take part and get rewarded in a World Boss Event

  2. World Bosses reward at least 10 players, 5 ranked and 5 random. The amount of rank and winners increase as the total amount of boss damage done increases, as follows:


    <300k total damage - 7 ranked and 3 random winners. Top 1 rank gets World Boss Unique NFT

    <500k total damage - 10 ranked and 5 random winners. Top 2 ranks get World Boss Unique NFT

    >=1million total damage - 25 ranked and 5 random winners. Top 5 ranks and 1 random rank gets World Boss Unique NFT

    Note: These tiers are subject to change given strength of community and overall "power creep" within Crusaders of Crypto. Similarly, the tiers are dependent on which world boss is being challenged

  3. Each winner (ranked or random) will be awarded an announced-beforehand amount of BNB (for example, 0.1 BNB per winner)

  4. A player may try as many times to deal high damage to the world boss as they like, but only the highest dealing damage is counted for world boss rewards

  5. The world boss can be entered through the "Event" type delve.

  6. There are no Dungeon Clear Rewards for World Boss attempts.

  7. Any "sharing" of NFT during a world boss will cause immediate disqualification and possible other repercussions.

  8. World Bosses are not complete dungeons. They only contain an entryway with enough gear to fully gear out, and the World Boss room.

  9. Team members and mods are allowed to compete in World Boss events and win NFT prizes only. If one does win, they will only win the NFT, and the same amount of prizes will be given out to the following ranked winners.

    For example, if the first place spot is a team member, ranks 2-26 will instead get rewards for a >= 1million damage boss fight, ranks 2-11 and 15 random non-team members will receive the BNB reward. The team member, and ranks 2-6 will receive an NFT. A random non-team-ranked member will also receive an NFT.

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