NFT Vendor
The Crusaders of Crypto offers an "NFT Buyback" system to help players earn for their found NFT, and ensure a healthy stable price for NFT on the player to player marketplace!

The NFT Vendor

The NFT Vendor is a way for Crusaders to have a guaranteed price point for their NFTs, that they can sell for, providing yet another way to earn ROI in the Crusaders of Crypto Platform!

Vendor Mechanics

    The Vendor has an internal cooldown, and as such Players can only sell NFT periodically, based on their CRUSDER holding!
    Holding Tiers:
      5,000,000,000 Token:
        NFT Vendor Unlocked - Cooldown 28 Days
      50,000,000,000 Token:
        NFT Vendor Cooldown 14 Days
      100,000,000,000 Token:
        NFT Vendor Cooldown - 7 Days
      500,000,000,000 Token:
        NFT Vendor Cooldown - 3 Days
      1,000,000,000,000 Token:
        NFT Vendor Cooldown - 1 Day
The tentative vendor sell price is 0.05 BNB, or 0.05 BNB worth of CRUSADER, tax free! If you are looking to compound your CRUSADER holding, the CRUSADER option gives you more bang for your buck!
While the Vendor is funded, this gives players another guaranteed way to make the most out of their unwanted NFT.
The funding for the Vendor will come from the same 50% distribution of marketplace share for P2E/Buy/Burn share.
The NFT Vendor price is subject to change based on funding and market conditions
Last modified 1mo ago