How to Play

Controls and Guide on how to move about the dungeon in Crusaders of Crypto

True to the Roguelike genre, the controls of the Crusaders of Crypto game are simple to learn! Similarly, the game as a whole is turn-based so plan all your moves and attacks accordingly!

To move, players can use one of the following control mechanisms:

  1. Drag the on-screen joystick (which nostalgically looks like a old-school D-Pad!)

  2. Use the WASD keys to move up/left/down/right, respectively

  3. Use the Arrow Keys to move

To attack monsters, players simply need to move into them!

To use potions and other nifty consumables:

  • First open the inventory

  • Then tap on the potion you want to use! NOTE: Using a consumable causes the Players turn to end!

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