RUPEE Dungeon'omics

The Crusaders of Crypto ecosystem has a second auxiliary token called RUPEE.

RUPEE will not be paired with any liquidity, and by default will not be tradeable in any way. Holders of CRUSADER will passively earn RUPEE over time , and can claim that RUPEE in the same way that holders can claim their BNB redistribution! RUPEE will be used within the Crusaders of Crypto ecosystem as a way to buy NFTs and in-game boosters!

RUPEE Mechanics

  • The amount of RUPEE generated is based on amount of CRUSADER held!

    • For every 100,000,000,000* CRUSADER held, 5* RUPEE will be generated per day. Note that this is the base rate (not a minimum!). The amount of RUPEE earned will scale with however much CRUSADER is held with no minimum. This passive generation is calculated at time of claim, and only uses the current CRUSADER holding amount for calculations.

    • The maximum amount of RUPEE that someone can hold is 5000.

  • RUPEE can also be earned from Dungeon Clear Rewards. The player must hold at least 5B CRUSADER to be eligible for RUPEE Dungeon Clear Rewards.

NOTE: While the max amount of RUPEE per player is 5k, players can have more then 5k at a given time, but will be prevented from claiming anymore until they are under the 5000 maximum.


  • Player currently has a 4000 RUPEE balance

  • Player has 5000 RUPEE Claimable

  • Player claims, resulting in a 9000 RUPEE balance

  • Player is now prevented from claiming RUPEE from any source until their balance is less then the 5000 maximum

Note: Due to the way passive RUPEE generation is calculation (time since last claim vs. # of CRUSADER held), this means that after selling CRUSADER your claimable rupee will be less. Similarly, if you buy CRUSADER, your claimable amount of RUPEE will be higher then it was before the buy!


  • RUPEE can be used to purchase NFTs that are no longer part of the NFT Showcase.

    • The cost of NFTs in RUPEE will start at 1000*.

  • RUPEE can be used to purchase "boosters" that affect in game drop rates.

    • The "Major RUPEE Buff" doubles the base drop rate for NFT dungeon-clear-rewards for 24 hours, and costs 2000* RUPEE. For example, 5% base -> 10% base.

    • More buffs to come in the future!

  • RUPEE can be used to pay an entry fee for certain special limited events that reward NFTs to all players who complete the event!

There will be more use cases for RUPEE as the Crusaders of Crypto ecosystem develops!

*- Exact numbers are subject to change based on market factors of the CRUSADER token, and will be announced ahead of any changes

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