Tower (Beta)
Tower is a game mode only for the most adept players in Crusaders of Crypto
The Tower consists of 10 incrementally harder floors (and more in the future). Each floor consists of a small layout, followed by a boss, and permanent monster buffs (more and more) as players get higher and higher in the tower.
Upon clearing the boss of a floor, all equipment and consumables currently held are carried over into the following floor.
Any consumables/equipment not carried over, will have a chance to spawn in the new floor.
Note: One time consumables (like those from expedition), if used, can respawn on new floors.

During Alpha, Tower will not Yield NFT/RUPEE

Future Rewards (After Alpha)

The Tower rewards differently in normal dungeon clears, as you are expected to lose at some point. As such, the reward/drop rate for tower is tentatively as follows:
    For each Boss Clear, 1% base reward is added
    For example, if a player died on floor 3, their base drop rate for NFT is 2%, and their base drop rate for RUPEE is 4%
Note: This mode has the ability to give the highest drop rate possible for NFT/RUPEE, but of course comes with extreme difficulty! A full clear of the tower would result in a 10% base drop rate for NFT.
For a frame of reference, the first 3 floors of the tower relate to normal, hard, and expert difficulty, respectively.
Note: This mode is under construction/testing, and has only been released to help get community feedback on difficulty. All rewards, and rulings, are subject to significant change.
Last modified 29d ago